Cider Doughnuts: Florida's First and Finest

Food service
cases packed fresh
and immediately frozen.

Fully cooked. Just warm,
toss in coating sugar and serve.

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Doughnuts now available through:

Our first case of Mini Cider Doughnuts, circa 2009
Our surprising history

The tradition of cider doughnuts was created by chilly, New England autumn days, when apple orchards served them up to customers carrying bushels of fresh, crisp apples back to their homes. A cider doughnut, made from simple ingredients and artful care became the stuff of childhood memories for Chef John Carlino.

His love of this legendary treat followed him into his professional career. He and his business partner, Chef Allan Doherty, took their first, hot-out-of-the-oven, mini cider doughnuts to local South Florida Green Markets. They were not surprised by the delight these little minis created for market strollers. But they WERE surprised by the demand they unexpectedly created with local chefs wanting to serve them in their restaurants. First thing in the morning, the Cider Doughnuts booth would be sold out and there was nothing left to serve their green market customers!

To remedy the situation, Chef John offered to deliver cases of cider doughnuts directly to chef’s kitchens as long as they would promise NOT to wipe out the green market booth. In 2012, the Cider Doughnuts production kitchen for wholesale clients was created in Lake Park, Florida, and demand was met. Today, because of ever increasing market demand, the largest food service distributors in the nation now carry these fresh-frozen mini Cider Doughnuts, making them available to everyone.